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LED replacement for wedge style T10 base

Works well in overhead lights, and other fixtures using the 912 or 921 wedge base bulb - one example would be the hood light over the stove.

  • Cool operating temperature
  • Soft, powerful glow
  • 295 Lumens
  • Warm White color temperature (3200-3500k), not the "blueish white" of most other white LED lights
  • Operating range: 10-30V DC
  • 24 LEDs
  • Shipped USPS First class or Priority Mail for fast delivery
  • Lifetime Warranty!!

For small fixtures, such as reading spot lights,
this LED may be stick out of the fixture.
Try the mini wedge base LED instead

Price: $11.95

24 warm white SMD LEDs
22mm diamater
46mm (including base)
10-30V DC
2.8 Watt